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Power of Chakras: Wisdom Cards & Book Set

Power of Chakras: Wisdom Cards & Book Set

Ready to Awaken Your Potential?

Discover Chakra Power!

Unlock the secrets of ancient chakra practices with our Power of Chakras: Wisdom Cards & Book Set. This comprehensive set includes a beautifully illustrated chakra wallchart print, a detailed guidebook, and a deck of wisdom cards. Each card presents various positions and practices designed to heal your body, refocus your mind, and nurture your spirit.


  • Chakra Wallchart: Visualize and understand chakra positions and energy flow.
  • Guidebook: Detailed instructions on chakra practices and intention setting.
  • Wisdom Cards: Easy-to-follow positions and practices to enhance your wellness journey.


  • Holistic Healing: Improve energy flow and overall wellness with daily practices.
  • Mental Clarity: Refocus your mind and set meaningful intentions.
  • Spiritual Growth: Nurture your spirit and awaken your potential.

Whether you're new to chakra work or looking to deepen your practice, the Power of Chakras: Wisdom Cards & Book Set is an essential tool for enhancing your energy, focus, and spiritual well-being. Embrace the transformative power of chakras and start your journey towards greater wellness today.

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