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Blue Que Sera Sphere-9.7 oz

Blue Que Sera Sphere-9.7 oz

Blue Que Sera Sphere – a remarkable fusion of nature's elements crafted to elevate your spiritual journey and enhance your well-being. Handcrafted from Que Sera Stone, also known as Llianite or Galaxy Rhyolite, this silica-rich volcanic rock contains a myriad of healing properties to nurture your soul and invigorate your spirit.

Healing Properties: 

Immerse yourself in the dynamic Life Force energies drawn from the higher planes of existence, as the Blue Que Sera Sphere becomes your steadfast companion in optimizing health and manifesting maximum well-being. Elevate your intuitive level and embark on a transformative inner journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Let the Blue Que Sera Sphere guide you in shedding daily habits or thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, paving the way for a profound personal transformation.

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