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Sapphire & Sage

Bitch Be Gone Ritual Candle

Bitch Be Gone Ritual Candle

Ready to banish negativity? 🔥

We understand the importance of maintaining positive energy and removing toxic influences from your life. Introducing our Bitch Be Gone Ritual Candle, a powerful tool designed to help you banish negativity and reclaim your space.

Each pack includes two candles, meticulously dressed with herbs and oils known for their cleansing properties. Our candles may not be scented, but they emit a subtle aroma from the carefully selected herbs. With clear instructions included, you'll be guided through the ritual process with ease.

Standing at 5 inches tall and 1/2 inch wide, our candles are crafted with care to ensure optimal burn time and efficacy. The warning stickers on each pack provide peace of mind, ensuring safety during use.

Harness the transformative energy of our Bitch Be Gone Ritual Candle to release toxic energies and welcome positivity into your life. Take control of your spiritual journey and create a space filled with light, love, and positivity.

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