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Arcana of Astrology: Oracle Deck & Guidebook (Boxed Set)

Arcana of Astrology: Oracle Deck & Guidebook (Boxed Set)

Unlock Celestial Wisdom Today!

Step into the celestial realm with the Arcana of Astrology Boxed Set—a captivating oracle deck and guidebook designed by Claire Goodchild. Featuring 54 beautifully illustrated cards inspired by vintage star charts, this set delves deep into astrological archetypes. Explore the zodiac signs, planetary influences, moon phases, and more as you uncover cosmic insights and harness the power of divination. Whether you're new to astrology or a seasoned reader, the 96-page guidebook offers comprehensive instructions to interpret the cards and apply their wisdom to your spiritual journey. Embrace the magic of the cosmos and discover profound connections with The Arcana of Astrology.

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